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Friday, May 9, 2008

Beware the Trial Lawyer

By: Carlton Huffman

Just as the Trojans should’ve been wary of Greeks bearing gifts, so too should the 10th District be wary of trial lawyers in centrist attire. North Carolina saw this story before with John Edwards promising to be a centrist Democrat who would work with Jesse Helms for North Carolina’s benefit. Instead we got 6 years of John Edwards voting for every left wing piece of legislation that came in front of him, not to mention chronic absenteeism due to Edward’s forlorn 2004 presidential campaign.

Now I’m not one to say Daniel Johnson has plans to use the seat of incumbent Patrick McHenry as a launching pad for higher office. Yet one has to wonder that should nationalized health care or global warming legislation come up for a vote, would he stand with the 10th District or Nancy Pelosi and her far left cohorts? For that matter where does Johnson stand on halting illegal immigration, or would he instead vote for amnesty upon getting settled into his DC office? For those Republicans who may have voted for Lance Sigmon or be dissatisfied with our current Congressman, let’s remember that John Edwards was a poor steward of the public trust once he got to Washington no matter how nice his rhetoric sounded in 1998.

Barry Goldwater said it best in 1960 when Richard Nixon won his party’s nomination over the objections of conservative Republicans. He said “let’s grow up and unite” and we should in 2008 do the same. We have a duty to keep the power of the grubby hands of Washington bureaucrats who would seek to control every aspect of our lifes. The best way to do that for this district in November is to reelect Patrick McHenry to another term in Congress.

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